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Our main goal is to help people who have a bad credit, but would still like to purchase a car.

We have been doing this since 2009, we have a great experience in getting loans for people with bad credit.

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About Us

Fast approval: We make sure to approve all qualified candidates as soon as possible. The funding can take as little as 24 hours.So don’t worry about having to visit and feeling humiliated to get that car loan. You apply online and get approved online.

Enjoy our flexible repayment plan: Are you a student, low-income employee or sales person wondering how you will get the car loan paid without much hassle? Our flexible repayment plan makes sure to cater to different customer’s need that fit their budget. All you are required is to choose the best according to your needs. We guarantee to give clients the car they deserve and want, to make them satisfied beyond expectation.

Why should you get a loan?

Let’s be honest! Everyone has been at the point where they did not have money or did not have the right amount to buy something. There are times when you will need to ask for a loan, to get what you need. But there are people who have been in accidents, or just in a bad shape or just got fired from a job, and have a very bad credit. This can happen to anyone, and if you are one of the many who is suffering from bad credit score, don’t be afraid, we have the solution for you! Our company offers several bad credit loan opportunities that can help individuals like you. To make sure you will be able to repay the money you have borrowed, it is essential to choose the amount and the time length of the loan what is right for you.

If you don’t have the currencies to spend very high amount a month, then choose a lower amount to borrow, or simply ask to make your loan longer. We always recommend making the monthly amount higher, to the point where you can pay it, but don’t have to struggle. Having a long ongoing loan is not always the best idea to have. We have already served a several hundred people, making them eligible to apply for loans with a bad credit, and we can do it for you as well. Our process is very easy, you ask for a consultation, where you come in our office, and we ask about your situation, to make sure we can give you the right type of loan. After the meeting is done, the most of the time the applied will get the loan in less than two weeks time! We offer one hundred percent guarantee for our loans! New Car Canada – Toronto is the company we recommend.

If you are in Ontario and have that bad credit but need a car loan, come and enjoy our unique bad credit car loan and you won’t regret. Our company ensures to deliver high-quality services with a low-interest rate that you will not find anywhere else in Ontario. We have your solution at hand, and all you require to do is send us an email or just apply online. Worry no more about your bad credit and get your desired car today with our company.